By Leticia Moreira February 23, 2023 In Development

What is Backend?

The technology field has many subfields, which may confuse those who are not familiar with such terms. Some of these professions are Backend Developer, Frontend Developer, Security Analyst, Data Analyst, Designer and others. But what each one means?

Backend can be a challenging terminology to explain, since it’s responsible for the “invisible” part of applications, differently from Frontend and Design, which takes responsibility for the appearance. Based on that, I will use an analogy comparing the human body functions to better explain each area and consequently, the backend. Furthermore, I will also provide a shortly explanation of each area importance in a project.

Frontend Developer: imagine that the frontend developer is the colleague responsible for the body’s appearance. They guarantee that your body will be attractive and feels good to touch. Without a frontend developer, your appearance may not be as good as it should. It can affect negatively how people perceive and interact with you.

Designer: The designer is the colleague who chooses your clothes and accessories, making your appearance even more pleasant. Without a designer, your clothes and accessories may not be as attractive as it could be, and your visual appeal could be prejudiced. This can affect negatively the way people treat and perceive you.

Backend Developer: The backend developer is the colleague that takes responsibility for your internal organs. They guarantee that your organs work together correctly and efficiently. Without a backend developer, your internal organs may malfunction, which can prejudice your ability to do daily tasks.

Security Analyst: The security analyst is like the immunological system, protecting it against external threats, such as germs and virus. Without a security professional, your body can be exposed to threats and it can affect your well being and health. This can negatively affect your capacity to do daily tasks.

In shortly, each one of these colleagues has an important role in the maintenance of the functioning and well being of your body. The lack of any of them can have severe consequences.

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