Project Data Studio Bertholdo


  • svgCategories: Development
  • svgClient:Private
  • svgTechnologies:PHP, Javascript, WP e Looker Studio

The project consists in the development of a Looker Studio Dashboard, a platform of Business Intelligence which allows the creation of interactive dashboards from data provided from a source defined by the user. Originally known as Data Studio, Looker Studio was acquired by Google in 2020. The Dashboard makes easier to visualize data and tendencies from a store, such as most sold products, clients who buy more, age range and so on.


The dashboard developed in this project was constructed from data extracted from a WooCommerce store, using a PHP script to do so. The information includes data related to orders, clients, products, revenue and others. The data is stored on a databased defined dynamically by the user before the execution. The dashboard is then connected to this database, allowing the use of the stored info to the creation of reports and interactive visualization. The result is a Dashboard that provides a detailed evaluation about the store monetary performance.

In the first version of this project, it was created a connector to the Looker Studio, using Google Apps Script, a language like JavaScript used to build apps for Google products, such as Spreadsheets and Looker Studio. Although, when testing, it was perceived that its performance is slower when compared to direct connections to databases. This is because the connector makes requests to the store every time it is loading a graphic or a new page, in order to obtain real time data, but sacrificing speed to do so.