Darven Multiple Informative Prices


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The Darven Multiple Informative Prices (D-MIP) plugin, originally known as Darven Múltiplos Preços Informativos, allows merchants to customize their pricing exhibit, presenting information such as installment price and cash price. It’s a very common culture in Brazil to allow clients to pay in multiple installments or in one time (in cash), providing benefits for both methods.


The plugin displays the prices on the product's individual page, categories, and any other pages that use the default WooCommerce price function (some plugins may implement their own way of showing prices, which will conflict with this plugin).

D-MIP also allows users to set whether they want to show both types of prices or only one. Additionally, it's possible to disable either the cash price or the installment price for an individual product by accessing the product settings page in the "Product" tab.

The plugin also provides settings for displaying the maximum number of installments and an informational popup about each individual installment.

There are two ways of configuring interest taxes: incremental and custom. In the incremental mode, a fixed value is defined, and each month this value is added to the interest amount using a formula to calculate the value. In the custom mode, the customer sets the interest percentage for each installment, and no formula is used.


At the moment, there are only two other plugins that have similar functions in WooCommerce. One of them, WooCommerce Installments (WooCommerce Parcelas), has not received any updates in the last six years and does not allow the user to set up interest taxes on the installment price.

The other one, WooCommerce Installments with and without Interest (WooCommerce Parcelas com e sem Juros), is still being updated and offers options for interest taxes, although it is fairly limited. It allows users to specify interest taxes only for certain payment gateways, which may not reflect the interest tax conditions the user has or may not be the gateway the merchant uses.

Given these limitations, I decided to create the Darven Multiple Informative Prices plugin, which aims to allow the merchant to fully customize their interest taxes and be entirely free.